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AVO Meter Clock MK I

AVO Meter Clock MK I

This clock is based around an old AVO Meter, this particular model was manufactured in 1956 and was used by Decca Radar. The project started as a 'one off' using a AVO Meter purchased at a car boot sale. I have 5 currently available to buy, all in different cases dating back as far as 1935.

Prices range from £230.00 to £250.00 + p&p


IN-12/17 Nixie Clock

This particular clock was produced as an entry level clock for everyone, it's concept was to show how the electronics are put together and to demonstrate the Nixie tubes in action.

* Note: Acrylic case no longer available

Price £49.99 + p&p

Jewellery Clock

The elegent 'Jewellery' clocks are housed in silver plated jewellery cases, the time is displayed by IN-8-2 vertical Nixie tubes and the model shown is back lit with vivid blue LED's. There are 10 case designs available, all individual no two are alike. A choice of 3 back light colours are available, blue, green and rainbow.

Prices range from £70.00 to £85.00 + p&p

New Range of Clocks coming soon





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