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Over the past few months I have had the greatest of pleasure working with a young guy from Dallas Texas in the good old U S of A Luke McKenzie, Luke has completely re-written and developed the code beyond recognition. We are currently working through some of the options that we would like to implement, the latest beta version is available on the download’s page here or can be found on If you would like to follow the development of the project or have any suggestion, please feel free to contact either Luke or myself.



AVO Meter Clock MK I

This prototype clock is based around an old 1950's AVO Meter, this particular model was manufactured in 1956 and was used by Decca Radar. The project started as a 'one off' using one of my 'Universal Driver Boards' and a AVO meter purchased at a car boot sale for £ 5.00, having removed the workings, I then made up a display board using veroboard, the IN-12B Nixie's where socketed and flying leads added to connect to my driver board.


The project took about a week to complete, having decided on how to use some of the switches on the AVO Meter to control the setting functions of the clock. One of my friends came round one evening and liked the clock so much he offered me £ 250.00 there and then to buy it, how could I refuse. It then got me thinking, can I make a few more!

The answer was yes, I then came across several other AVO Meter's on eBay and brought them for various prices, I then designed a new all-in-one clock board that fit inside the AVO's and now have 10 AVO Meter Clocks MK I that are ready for sale.

Some extra features where added to make the clock more appealing, a remote control to select the Nixie tube background colour, and a audible alarm function.

If you wish to purchase one of these unique limited addition clocks, please contact me at the address below. POA.




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